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Elsahm Elzahaby

SAMASIM Land Transport Company [Elsahm Elzahaby], the newest company of the group, was established in 2020. The establishment of the company came in response to the group's directives to confront the challenges that overwhelmed the transport sector in Sudan, and to rectify any time delay that the group's customers might be exposed to.The company's fleet includes more than 100 vehicles, which are managed by highly experienced staff in transportation operations.

Samasim for Roads Transportaion

The company's activities cover most of the agricultural production areas in Sudan, which was reflected in the speedy fulfillment of the requests of Samasim Investment Group's clients for their various needs of Sudanese agricultural crops. Also, the company works to provide its services to the group companies working in the field of foreign import and their customers. In order to ensure the continuity of the service provided by the company, and to prevent a decrease in the quality of its service, the company has established a service center for its fleet in the city of Port Sudan at a distance of 15,000 meters, equipped with the latest mechanisms that are used to maintain the fleet to be in its best condition Permanently
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