Payment Terms

Payment Terms

We have a range of flexible payment options to our valued clients, encompassing not only the commonly mentioned ones in this section.

Advance Payment:

Our advance payment terms involve clients making wire transfers of down payments ranging from 20% to 50% of the total invoice amount, or as mutually agreed upon. The remaining balance is then promptly wired upon the submission of faxed or emailed copies of the complete set of documents, and after the goods have been dispatched.

Letter Of Credit (LC):

For our clients, the Letter of Credit term is the most favored method of payment. Under this payment mode, we exclusively approve the sight LC mode.

Documentary Collection:

In terms of Documentary Collection, we offer two types.

  • The first is Documents against Payment (D/P), which necessitates our clients (importers) to make immediate payment of the face amount of the draft upon sight.


  • The second is Documents against Acceptance (D/A), which requires our clients (importers) to make payment on a specified future date. It is important to note that this type of payment is only utilized with our regular clients.