Supply Chain

Supply Chain

In order to enhance efficiency and ensure a seamless flow of products, we consistently assess our supply and value chain. Our primary objective is to save time and money for ourselves, our customers, and our partners, while also guaranteeing the availability of products when required.


To effectively manage and optimize every aspect of the production chain, we employ state-of-the-art supply chain management tools, techniques, and technologies. Our process begins with collaborating closely with farmers to address any challenges that may affect their production or hinder their ability to meet our standards.

We continuously evaluate our storage facilities and distribution channels, striving to fine-tune them for improved performance. Our logistics operations are constantly evolving as we seek to achieve greater efficiency in terms of time and resources.

We value the input of our partners and actively share our findings with them, incorporating their feedback into our ever-evolving supply chain management system.

We, in Samasim Investment Group, have a strong network consisting of professional teams that facilitate the flow of our product from the time of harvesting, moving to transporting to our crops ridding facilities, preparing the stuffed bags for shipping with the correct marks, stuffing in the right containers and following up for clearance and loading onboard the ship, as well as preparing all necessary documents sets for each shipment.

We are keen to keep an eye in continuously improve the quality of our supply chain so we proceed in optimizing our business flow efficiently and effectively in a way that achieves our customer need and satisfaction.