Our Products & Markets

Organic food is very popular and good for health these days.

Our Products and Markets

The Samasim Group exports the best Sudanese agricultural products to the Arab, South-East Asian and Turkish markets such as oilseeds from Sesame, peanuts, sunflower and cottonseeds, in addition to peanuts, gum Arabic, watermelon seeds, lentils, kabkabi (chickpeas), Sudanese baobab and hibiscus.

Our Strength

The group has a wide and reaching network of its workforce in all parts of Sudan, Uae and Egypt which can provide its customers with large quantities of their needs of agricultural crops and the newest varieties in a sustainable manner, whether the need is seasonal or annual. This network is supported by a fleet of more than 100 vehicles dedicated to transporting agricultural products to Port Sudan, the main port in Sudan, Where another crew from the group directly supervises all export operations. The group also has a specialized company, SAMASIM for agricultural products processing [SAMASIM Ridding], to treat agricultural crops from any impurities or defects at the level Global and according to the desire of the customer.

Our Future is Brighter

SAMASIM Investment Group continues the journey of excellence, growth and success for a prosperous future in which the group's activities and companies are seen shining in new markets, new customers and many other products. Starting from the year 2023, and according to the group’s strategy that aims to place the group at the top of the list of workers in agricultural and animal production and Trading, this year the group will inaugurate its food industry complex, which will include a number of factories for the production of all oil derivatives, in addition to entering the field of food security through its manufacturing activities as the end of the year 2024 witnesses the group's entry into the activities of the cotton industry with all its products. With the goal of contributing to creating new opportunities for the Sudanese & Egyptian cotton products.


These services cannot be sustained without warehouses. The group has constructed a number of world class warehouses which are designed to meet international safety, regulatory, requirement for storing agricultural good for longer period of times. Our financial and banking services stand behind all of this. Allowing our customers high flexibility and options in financial transactions, the group has a financial network consists of the best banks in both Sudan and the region, which facilitates the conduct of financial and banking dealings all over the world in complete safe manner and speedy fashion.
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