Samasim Ridding


This company operates the largest facility of its kind in Sudan, with a production capacity of 20 Metric tons per hour, utilizing the latest technology available today, ensuring our customers receive their goods at international standards Also, the company owns various facilities around the country which process ground nuts at high efficiency, which can be seen clearly through the high quality of the exported groundnut kernel One of the most important arms of the Samasim Investment Group to ensure quality and sustainability The Samasim Company for processing and purifying agricultural crops in Omdurman and the city of Port Sudan, processes and packs oilseed crops and other agricultural crops such as watermelons, lentils, and kabkabe (chickpeas), with high technologies and large production capacities through a number of the latest equipment


The company's complex in Port Sudan, established in 2019, is the newest and largest complex in the city, as the complex includes 4 production lines with a capacity of 5 tons per hour for the production line, each line contains 5 highly efficient purification stages that ensure that these crops reach the group's customers according to international standards, upon request In addition to an optical grain sorter; it allows our customers to access the export crops according to the required color degrees, which made the company able to meet the demand of all customers around the world, including customers in the European and American markets
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